Getting started with Falu Messaging

What is Falu Messaging, and how does it work?

Falu Messaging enables businesses to interact with their customers over SMS programmatically. Some of the platform's features are:

  • You can programmatically send and receive SMS messages across Kenya.
  • Our direct carrier connections and optimized routing ensure high SMS delivery rates and low latency.
  • Simple usage-based pricing from the start; pay for only what you use.
  • Ready-to-use templates and Getting Started guides to get your SMS integration running within minutes.

Generally, messages sent through Falu Messaging can be categorized as either outbound or inbound.

Life of an outbound SMS message


  1. Your application uses Falu Messaging's APIs to send an SMS message.
  2. Falu Messaging sends the message to local carriers.
  3. The message travels across telecom networks and is delivered to the destination phone number.
  4. The carrier receives a delivery report once the message is delivered.
  5. The carrier sends the delivery report to Falu Messaging.
  6. Falu Messaging redirects this delivery report to your application.

Life of an inbound SMS message


Inbound messages travel the opposite path of outbound messages.

  1. A mobile user initiates a session by sending a message to your organization.
  2. The carrier receives this message and requests Falu Messaging to process the communication.
  3. Falu sends a response to the carrier detailing, for example, that the message can be sent to your organization.
  4. The carrier sends a delivery notification to the customer.
  5. Falu sends the message to your application.