Workspace entity types

Select the most appropriate business type when provisioning a workspace

To provision a workspace, one has to select a specific business type that best matches their needs. There are four listed entity types from which to choose:

  • Individual: suitable for individual users.
  • Company: suitable for companies, ranging from small to large enterprises.
  • Non-Profit Organization: suitable for legally registered NGOs.
  • Governmental Institution: suitable for government entities.

Business structure

Every business type other than individual has different subtypes identifying its legal structure.

This business structure describes the details of a business entity, such as its organization schema and daily operations. This information is essential as it allows Falu to classify your business accurately for compliance purposes.


Below are business structure classifications and descriptions of various company types.

Business StructureDescription
private_corporationA privately owned business incorporated in Kenya. It is not traded on the public stock exchange.
private_partnershipA business jointly owned by two or more people and which is created through a partnership agreement.
public_corporationA business incorporated under the laws of Kenya and whose ownership shares are traded on the public stock exchange.
public_partnershipA business formed by a partnership agreement with one or more people, but has shares that are publicly traded on a stock exchange.
sole_proprietorshipA business that isn’t a separate legal entity from its individual owner.

Company merchant category codes

Falu also categorizes companies according to merchant category codes (MCCs), which are four-digit numbers indicating the types of goods and services being sold to customers.

Below is a rundown of MCC ranges and their associated service industries.

MCCAssociated Industry
MCCs_0001_1499Agricultural services
MCCs_1500_2999Contracted services
MCCs_4000_4799Transportation services
MCCs_4800_4999Utility services
MCCs_5000_5599Retail outlet services
MCCs_5600_5699Clothing stores
MCCs_5700_7299Miscellaneous stores
MCCs_7300_7999Business services
MCCs_8000_8999Professional services and membership organizations
MCCs_9000_9999Government services


Non-profits can be categorized according to their business structure:

Business StructureDescription
incorporated_non_profitA fully-registered organization within Kenya that is legally recognized as a non-profit entity
unincorporated_non_profitA non-profit organization that has obtained tax-exempt status within Kenya but is not formally incorporated.

Government entities

A government entity can be classified into the following categories:

Business StructureDescription
government_instrumentalityAn organization that is not an actual government body but was formed by a government statute to perform a specific function.
government_unitA branch of the state or local government.

If you or your team need clarification about the appropriate entity type, consult the business formation or tax documents for your entity.