What is Falu Identity and what verification checks does it support?

Falu Identity offers a simple way to verify the identities of users from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, with support for other African countries in progress.

Using Falu Identity, you can:

  • Capture IDs through a seamless verification flow.
  • Verify the authenticity of various ID documents, including ID cards, passports, and driving licenses.
  • Match photo IDs with selfies and videos.

Identity verification checks on Falu can be conducted through two means: the Dashboard and the Falu Identity API.

Identity verification checks using either the Dashboard or API have the following general workflow:

  1. A verification session is initiated.
  2. Documents and supporting images/videos are uploaded as required.
  3. A check is conducted, and an appropriate report is generated.

Falu Identity presently supports four types of verification checks: document, document and selfie, document and video, and ID number.

Presently, the primary supported documents are government-issued identity cards. Checks with passports and driving licenses are currently under beta testing.